Have a Great Time at TimeLine Arcade!

The only classic arcade in central PA where you can play pinballs, classic arcade, and todays best interactive games too! The TimeLine Arcade is fun for the whole family. We're a place where kids and parents can play and learn together in a clean, bright, environment. TimeLine Arcade is affordable family fun too! Dads, come play the games you used to play when you were a kid! Moms, relax in our lounge area while the kids have a blast!

Our Features



Russ Cool will be back this October 2015 to go for the World Record on Gauntlet on its 30th Anniversary    

Upcoming Events

MARCH - 11th LIVE MUSIC MARCH - 14th, 15th Timeline Arcade will be at the Central PA ComicConin York, PA

A Party to Remember!

Our Birthday Celebrations are like no other.  Fun for not only the kids but also adults!!  So much in fact, we do corporate events, bachelor parties, and youth group sleep overs in our movie room.

Take A Tour!

DJ Tommy takes you on a quick tour through Timeline Arcade. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A TOUR

We Throw Parties that are Remembered, and Bring Back Memories!!

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