Have a Great Time at TimeLine Arcade!

TimeLine Arcade is the portal to the past! When you step through the door you will enter an epic world of classic arcade games intertwined with all of the latest game consols. With over 140 games and counting, there is somethings for everyone. TimeLine Arcade is affordably priced and conveniently located in the heart of downtown Hanover, Pennsylvania. Are you ready to take the challenge of surpassing some of the world-record scores that some of our machines possess? Are you prepared to have a blast at the largest arcade in Pennsylvania? Then we'll see you at the one and only TimeLine Arcade!

Our Features



Russ Cool will be back this October 2015 to go for the World Record on Gauntlet on its 30th Anniversary    

Upcoming Events

JULY 24th - UTZ SUMMER BASH 12pm-6pm Live Music with AUDIOSTROBELIGHT BYOB 7pm-2am August 1st - ARCADE HORROR FEST Meet and greet actors from your favorite shows and movies. like FRIDAY THE 13th, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and THE WALKING DEAD more info is located on the events page on our Facebook page. you can purchase tickets now buy calling us at (717) 634-2600 they are $35 and are limited  

A Party to Remember!

Our Birthday Celebrations are like no other.  Fun for not only the kids but also adults!!  So much in fact, we do corporate events, bachelor parties, and youth group sleep overs in our movie room.

Hanover, PA

Join us and check out all the other local shops Hanover, Pa has to offer. If you need help finding a place to eat or drink just ask our staff we are happy to help. With an all day pass you are allowed in and out access all day. Check out all that we have to offer in the area.

We Throw Parties that are Remembered, and Bring Back Memories!!

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