Who We Are

Have a Great Time at TimeLine Arcade!

TimeLine Arcade is the portal to the past! When you step through the door you will enter an epic world of classic arcade games intertwined with all of the latest game consols. With over 140 games and counting, there is somethings for everyone. TimeLine Arcade is affordably priced and conveniently located in the heart of downtown Hanover, Pennsylvania. Are you ready to take the challenge of surpassing some of the world-record scores that some of our machines possess? Are you prepared to have a blast at the largest arcade in Pennsylvania? Then we’ll see you at the one and only TimeLine Arcade!


Why We’re Different

We love families:

We also love history! Classic Pinball and Arcade games are huge part of American history, and they are disappearing at an alarming rate from malls, stores, and amusement parks all over the country. We restore all of our classic games to working condition so that they can continue to be played and enjoyed by future generations. Were interested in your story, too! Have a classic arcade story or memory? Was a top score your high school claim to fame? Do you have a funky pic from a Friday night long ago? Share it with us through email, or at our Facebook.

We Care about Kids Safety Too:

We know safety is a concern for all parents these days. We aim to provide a clean, well-lit store with friendly associates. Our parents lounge area is located at the front of the store near the entrance so you can be sure your kids wont leave without you. Finally, we ask that parents of children under the age of 12 stay with their kids while they play. Get a Card, have some fun, or catch up on work on the couch.

About the Time Cards

At TimeLine we just want you to have a great time, no hassle, and that means NO COINS! It’s so easy! Get your card at our check- in kiosk. Then swipe/ or just press start and play the day away, just pay at the end. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers too!